Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Increase Your Credit Limit: Discover Card

This post will explain how to request credit limit increases using online interface

Step 1
Begin by logging into your Discover Card account. On the Summary of Accounts screen, click on the link "Help Center" on the menu tab, then click the link "Request a Credit Line Increase"

Step 2
Fill up the form and click "Continue". This will not make a hard pull to a credit bureau report.
  • Requested Credit Line Increase
  • Reason for Increase
  • Employment Status

Step 3
If your request didn't get instant approval, and you don't want a hard credit inquiry, you can cancel credit line increase request by clicking "Cancel". Otherwise, click "Submit" to complete credit line increase request.

Step 4
You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Discover won't pull your credit history yet at this point.

Step 5
Discover will call you on the same day that you requested or the very next day. They will verify your DOB and Mailing Address. They need your permission to pull your credit history from TransUnion. If you don't want a hard credit inquiry, you can decline your request and your credit score won't hurt. Otherwise they will pull and review your credit history while you are on the phone. It is about 2-3 minutes process. The decision is instant.

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  1. I love Discover card because it never charges my card. Now hidden fees and more benefits!